withings’ body cardio scale transforms how people care for their heart at everyday weigh-ins
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continuing after being acquired by nokia, french company withings expands their digital health platform with ‘body cardio’ – a slim body weight scale that keeps tabs on cardiovascular health. with expanded full body analytics, exclusive cardiovascular health insights and a seamless conecction to the ‘health mate’ app, ‘body cardio’ plans to be the world’s most advanced scale.

the ‘body cardio’ comes in two different colors




‘body cardio’ gives everyone the opportunity to follow heart health at home with the introduction of a new measurement: ‘pulse wave velocity’. recognized by the medical community as the best stand-alone indicator to provide an assessment of overall cardiovascular health, the measurement has the potential to transform how people care for their heart. 

the visualized data offered at every weigh-in




at only 0.7 inches with a solid aluminum base, ‘body cardio’ has no feet to adjust, making it very thin and stable. thanks to its design by eliumstudio, the scale works equally well on any surface, from a hard floor to a thick carpet. 

only 0.7 inches thin




every weigh-in offers not only basic weight facts, but also fat and muscle mass indexes, water weight and bone mass. in addition, withings created a ‘health mate’ app that automatically updates via wifi or bluetooth, so users can see what works, offer positive reinforcement and create reachable goals to stay focus.


video courtesy of withings


connects to smartphones via wifi or bluetooth 

the ‘body cardio’ with withings’ ‘activité‘ smartwatch 

‘pulse wave velocity’ can detect artery characteristics through sensors at the feet