wooden polaroid twin-lens reflex camera by kevin kadooka

all images © kevin kadooka


crafted out of laser cut birch plywood, portland-based photographer and engineering student kevin kadooka has designed a twin-lens reflex camera. the set-up uses a mamiya-sekor 105mm f/3.5 chrome lens and incorporates a rotatable polaroid back for shooting 4.25 x 3.5 inch instant film. still untitled, the project utilizes a folding wrist level view finder with an aluminized front-surface mirror for ultra-fine ground glass compositions, that can be focused with a custom nylon rack and pinion on stainless shoulder screws.



wooden TLR polaroid camera by kevin kadookawooden polaroid twin-lens reflex camera product views



polaroid TLR prototype

video courtesy kevin kadooka



wooden TLR polaroid camera by kevin kadooka

assembly process



wooden TLR polaroid camera by kevin kadooka

sample photography taken with the TLR camera