wooden tok tok trobla has interchangeable smartphone fittings
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after designing and testing multiple prototypes, the tok tok ‘trobla’ speaker comprises of a system of detachable pieces that can be easily interchanged to fit different generations of iPhones and other smartphones. the speakers use a cone form to keep tones sharp and has a special chamber that enhances the stereophony and low frequencies. this design and its lightweight construction ensures quality amplifying and provides loud music on the go. meaning horn in the slovenian language, the wooden ‘trobla’ is seeking support through its kickstarter campaign.

the speaker has a special chamber that enhances the stereophony and low frequencies


the amplifier’s name, trobla, means horn in the slovenian language


its detachable pieces can be interchanged to fit generations of iPhone or different smartphone models


the feeling of its wood construction connects the user back to nature


the speakers small size and lightweight construction enables music almost anywhere



its detachable and interchangeable pieces
video courtesy of tok tok



how the speakers amplifies the music from a smartphone
video courtesy of tok tok