to mark japan‘s ‘record day’ celebration, thirty renowned DJs from around the world packed tightly into one room to create the world’s first full orchestra composed of only turntablesthe artists gathered in a studio in tokyo to scratch, splice, and remix violinist nathan milstein and the new york philharmonic orchestra’s rendition of mendelssohn concerto in e minor, the first 12″ LP ever issued, back in 1948.

world's first turntable orchestra panasonic japan tokyo

image courtesy of technics



the consortium of DJ’s used technics‘ SL-1200 series turntable to perform the new rendition, the hi-fi audio brand’s newly revived legendary analog player which was discontinued in 2010. the ‘turntable orchestra’ included renowned names including DJ rena, the reigning japanese world champion who took the ‘DMC world championship‘ title in 2017. the youngest to ever win the award at just 12 years old, rena was joined by fellow DMC champions, DJ switch, DJ kentaro, and DJ qbert, to name a few.


video by technics



march 20 marks the 67th anniversary of the LP format being released commercially in japan. to mark the event panasonic corporation released the video of the full orchestra performing the remix under the technics brand’s theme, ‘rediscover music’.