great big story has taken its viewers through the construction and creative process of the world’s largest robot — the LW mononofu. previously featured by designboom, japanese engineer masaaki nagumo built the 28-foot tall robot single handedly, which weighs in at an impressive 5 tons. the video by great big story shows how the giant can be controlled by a user from inside — and even shoot tennis balls.


nagumo explains that the inspiration from the project is derived from watching an ‘anime that featured robots on TV all the time.‘ the project took him six years to complete, however he cites that it is ‘one small step closer to [achieving his] childhood dream.
world's largest robot
japanese engineer masaaki nagumo built the LW mononofu by himself 
all screenshots taken from great big story video



available for rent, the product of japanese company sakakibara machinery showcases how inspiration — which can come at adulthood or childhood — only seems far-fetched until it is actually attempted. nagumo hopes that his robot will act as a template ‘to more innovative's largest robot
the robot moves based on commands given in a control room, accessible via a single-seat elevator



designboom has covered other features by great big story, including a 185 foot stacked log cabin tower and artists that built a floating freedom cove near vancouver island.

watch how the world's largest robot was built, single handedly, by a man in japan
the project is derived from watching an anime

world's largest robot
in a previous article, designboom featured some of the roboticist’sother projects