world’s smallest book measures 70 micrometers

using a focused ion beam and scanning electron microscope (SEM), vancouver-based artist robert chaplin has broken the guinness record for the world’s smallest book. by taking the nano-typographic text from his illustrated story ‘teeny ted from turnip town’ onto a microchip thinner than a strand of hair, the story and type is traced onto the single-crystalline silicon surface where the line weight resolution equates to 42 nanometers (42 millionths of a millimeter). measuring 70 micrometers x 100 micrometers, the microchip version of the book cannot be seen with the naked eye or with a regular microscope, requiring an SEM to be seen from the nano-processing facility at simon fraser university.

chaplin is currently seeking funding to create a full sized version of ‘teeny ted from turnip town’ on kickstarter.

world's smallest book measures 70 micrometers‘teeny ted from turnip town’ text

world's smallest book measures 70 micrometersdetail of nano-typography cuts measuring 72 nanometers

world's smallest book measures 70 micrometers‘turnips are the way of life here in turnip town’

kickstarter video

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