xiaomi’s yeelight bedside lamp emits a plethora of colors for different scenarios
all images courtesy of xiamoi




chinese electronics company xiaomi is expanded it’s portfolio and is entering the realm of smart home devices with ‘yeelight’. the bedside lamp offers up to 16 million different colors using LEDs that can be adjusted through a bluetooth enabled smartphone and companion app. 

the ‘yeelight’ and companion app for both iOS and android devices




the ‘yeelight’ doesn’t necessarily need the app to use the basic functions, because the designers added a touch-enabled top interface that allows users to control brightness, select different modes and slide to choose the colors. the lamp has three preset modes – white, flow and night mode. the ‘white’ setting shines canary yellow for a comfortable and warm relax atmosphere. ‘flow’ emits four colors in random order and ‘night’ mode allows users to set a time, where the it turns on with soft light automatically. at the bottom, a brushed aluminum base houses the hardware to adjust the 14 LEDs that use color-mixing algorithms to combine to create different color temperatures. 

the app allows users to select a wide range of shades 




wireless connectivity allows users to remotely control the light from anywhere in the world. the app allows the ‘yeelight’ to turn on or off automatically, but also includes be programmed at pre-set times, so the light can be on when someone comes home. 


video courtesy of xiaomi

the lamp’s basic structure consists of a top luminescent and an aluminum base 

the lamp can match different themes of each room

the 14 LEDs offer a range of color temperatures 

the available colors 

the internal structure of the ‘yeelight’ 

the simple package the lamp arrives in