XTI aircraft bring unparalleled travel flexibility by proposing the triton 600
all images courtesy of XTI aircraft





united in the quest to be part of something bigger, XTI aircraft have been rethinking how we travel. reaching beyond traditional limitations, they are combining a helicopter’s ability to take off and land from almost anywhere, at speeds and ranges comparable to typical private jets. the ‘trifan 600’ is a six seater with unprecedented freedom to takeoff and land vertically.


video courtesy of XTI aircraft




designed to fly as fast, as high, above predominant weather and as far as other business jets, to more places and in a shorter period of time. inside flyers will discover unparalleled cabin space, offering flexibility for the needs of customers. versatile, the plane can be set to a medical evacuation or air ambulatory configuration, with a horizontal stretcher and three seats for medical personnel or patient companions. or for the most discerning business or personal needs, it can be shaped with a spacious modern interior adorned with luxury surfaces and intelligent high tech features. 

XTI-aircraft-trifan-600-designboom-02the plane will be able to take off and land anywhere




whatever the requirements, the ‘trifan 600’ would offer pressurized cabin comfort with accommodating capabilities. using three ducted fans, the plane lifts vertically in seconds and transitions seamlessly when the two carbon fiber wings adjust for high speed flight. by merging advanced, proven technologies, XTI aircraft aim to change the way the world flies. the company also wants everyone to help participate with a program that allows to reserve shares in the company. the program, along side a crowdfunding effort, will guarantee that the XTI aircraft ‘triton 600’ will meet high demands and manufacturing costs. 

XTI-aircraft-trifan-600-designboom-03the three fans supply the vertical thrust


XTI-aircraft-trifan-600-designboom-04the plane transitions to high speed flight by rotating the fans


XTI-aircraft-trifan-600-designboom-05the body is made mostly from carbon fiber


XTI-aircraft-trifan-600-designboom-06the front interior seats


XTI-aircraft-trifan-600-designboom-07the rear interior seats