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yamaha’s keyboard-sized SEQTRAK creates electronic music anywhere for on-the-go raving

Yamaha releases compact sound machine SEQTRAK


Yamaha wants partygoers to immerse themselves in electronic music wherever they go, so the corporation unveils its mobile music production studio, SEQTRAK. The keyboard-sized sound machine is compact enough to fit in a laptop bag and lightweight for no-fuss carrying. It features a one-to-one interface, allowing the music producer to be their own DJ, and SEQTRAK also has a built-in speaker and microphone to prepare the producer for impromptu clubbing anywhere they go.


Yamaha’s SEQTRAK also comes with a rechargeable battery, making it easy for the music producer to keep using the keyboard-sized sound machine while it is plugged in. Yamaha says it created SEQTRAK for composing and performing electronic music anywhere, anytime. It is packed with two versatile sound engines and samples, and the corporation included streamlined connectivity to the sound machine, so the music producer can connect it with its dedicated app and even share their music digitally.

yamaha seqtrak sound machine
video stills courtesy of Yamaha



Two sound engines with synth pads and electric pianos


Yamaha believes its SEQTRAK doesn’t compromise on quality sound given its two sound engines. The Advanced Wave Memory 2 comprises 128-note polyphony and offers a range of authentic sounds, from acoustic instruments to synthesizers. On the other hand, the four-operator FM engine, the second feature, can generate synth pads, leads, FM electric pianos, and more. All of these are packed into a single keyboard-sized sound machine whose orange-gray variant may resemble stacks of LEGO bricks.

yamaha seqtrak sound machine
the keyboard-sized sound machine is compact enough to fit in a laptop bag



Yamaha’s SEQTRAK also offers a station sequencer, allowing the music producer to create intuitive and seamless compositions, arrangements, and playback of musical tracks. The compact sound machine welcomes all kinds of music producers. Whether they have only started dabbling in making electronic music or are already avid producers, the sound machine’s station library may help them experiment with their style and sounds, given that it contains more than 2,000 presets of professionally crafted tunes.

yamaha seqtrak sound machine
Yamaha’s SEQTRAK features a one-to-one interface, allowing the music producer to be their own DJ



Clubbing here, there and everywhere


SEQTRAK also has a sampler that offers seven sound slots and a wide range of effects that can be customized to create polished tracks, all in a high-quality 44.1 kHz/16-bit format. In terms of connectivity, Yamaha dedicated an app that can enable music producers to further shape the sound they are going for with various editing features, including envelopes, filters, and effect manipulation. The SEQTRAK app also lets them add supplemental content from Yamaha or their sound data to the SEQTRAK.

yamaha seqtrak sound machine
Yamaha’s sound machine also comes with a rechargeable battery



When the music producers go on SEQTRAK’s app, they can also use the Visualizer function, making it easier for them to create visual effects that jive with the MIDI. Here, they can play with their creativity as a visual abstract artist too. There’s also a Dynamic Tutorial function that details real-time explanations of the operations of SEQTRAK, allowing the producers to learn how to use the sound machine as they go. Yamaha also adds Bluetooth MIDI and Wi-Fi functionality to SEQTRAK for wireless connections. As of publishing the story, SEQTRAK, which is also available in black color, is priced at 599 USD.

yamaha seqtrak sound machine
SEQTRAK features two sound engines which include synth pads and electric pianos


Yamaha’s SEQTRAK sound machine is also available in black color


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