motobot ver.1 developed by yamaha sets to challenge motorcycle racers at high speeds
all images courtesy of yamaha





first featured at the 2015 tokyo motor show, the conceptual project is an autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid robot built around a fusion of yamaha’s motorcycle and robotics technology. the research and development department is presently underway with the desire of developing the yamaha ‘motobot’ to ride an unmodified motorcycle on a racetrack at more than 200 km/h.


video courtesy of yamaha




the job of controlling the complicated motions of a motorcycle at high speeds requires a variety of control systems that must work with a high degree of precision. yamaha wants to try to obtain the fundamental technology and know-how gained in the process of this challenge to the creation of advanced rider safety and rider support systems and put them to use in our current businesses, as well as using them to pioneer new lines of business.

yamaha-motobot-ver1-motorcycle-robot-designboom-02the robot is able to make turns on a racetrackyamaha-motobot-ver1-motorcycle-robot-designboom-03the goal of the yamaha ‘motobot’ is be able to race any unmodified racetrack motorcycle 

yamaha-motobot-ver1-motorcycle-robot-designboom-04the plan is to develop the robot to help with safety additions for future bikes