yamaha exceeds expectations with one-liter MT-10 motorcycle revealed at EICMA 2015
all images courtesy of yamaha





launched at EICMA 2015, yamaha have developed a one-liter ‘MT-10’ motorcycle ready to exceed expectations and appeal to those riders who are looking for a new kind of connected riding experience. the 998cc four-cylinder cross-plane engine delivers massive levels of linear torque in the low to mid speed range, attached to an aluminum chassis that features an short wheelbase of just 1400mm to give supremely light and agile handling performance. with sharp aggressive styling with a natural riding position, the ‘MT-10’ includes a state-of-the-art suspension system and class-leading engine specifications. 


video courtesy of yamaha




the engine has a number of significant technical changes including a newly designed intake, exhaust and fueling systems, as well as an optimized crank balance. the yamaha chip controlled throttle offers the rider a choice of three engine running modes that designed to suit different riding situations and conditions. the key to its operation are electronics that can instantaneously alter the engine character by adjusting throttle opening, ignition time and fuel injection volume. 

yamaha-MT-10-motorcycle-EICMA-2015-designboom-02the ‘MT-10’ is tuned for increased low and mid-speed torque




to enable the rider to enjoy the power and performance in different conditions, it comes equipped with a three-mode traction control system that can be deactivated if required. the system works by monitoring any traction loss in the rear tire, and when it does happen, the throttle control chip automatically restores the grip. the yamaha ‘MT-10’ breaks the mold of the range by change the face of motorcycling and bringing new levels of excitement and emotion to the street. check out our coverage of 2015 EICMA hosted in milan for the latest reveals.

yamaha-MT-10-motorcycle-EICMA-2015-designboom-03the yamaha ‘MT-10’ runs with a short 1400mm wheelbase yamaha-MT-10-motorcycle-EICMA-2015-designboom-04the suspension system adjusts with the front wheel for a high degree of controllability

yamaha-MT-10-motorcycle-EICMA-2015-designboom-05yamaha redesigned the intake, exhaust and fuelling systemsyamaha-MT-10-motorcycle-EICMA-2015-designboom-06the ‘MT-10’ comes in three vibrant colors  yamaha-MT-10-motorcycle-EICMA-2015-designboom-07the aggressively styled front face of the yamaha yamaha-MT-10-motorcycle-EICMA-2015-designboom-08the LCD displayyamaha-MT-10-motorcycle-EICMA-2015-designboom-09the 998cc in-line 4-cylinder crossplane engine