yamaha develops electric motorcycle series for the streets and trails
all images courtesy of yamaha




in addition to the characteristics unique to a DC brushless electric motor, these two yamaha electric vehicle motorcycle concept models have an operational feel that will seem natural even to today’s motorcycle enthusiasts and they achieve a new kind of riding experience that will inspire the passion in riders. each motorcycle has a lithium-ion battery pack and weighs less than 130 kilograms. the street sport ‘PES2’ and dirt sport ‘PED2’ share a new power unit with a monocoque structure that also functions as the frame.


video courtesy of yamaha




the ‘PES2’ on-road sport model has an additional electric motor built into the hub of the from wheel to make it a two-wheel drive motorcycle, and it is designed to pioneer new boundaries of performance never seen before. in contrast, the ‘PED2’ is a partner for hitting mountain trails designed to capitalize on the clean, quite performance character of an EV to better enjoy riding through the natural world. 


yamaha-PE-electric-motorcycle-series-tokyo-motor-show-designboom-02the street series ‘PES2’  yamaha-PE-electric-motorcycle-series-tokyo-motor-show-designboom-03 the dirt version ‘PED2’yamaha-PE-electric-motorcycle-series-tokyo-motor-show-designboom-04both versions include a DC brushless motor and lithium ion battery