yamaha project AH A MAY swaps musical & motorcycle designer roles
all images courtesy of yamaha




exhibited at the 2015 saint etienne biennale, yamaha’s ‘project AH A MAY’ switches the roles of their designers and places them in a seemingly opposite field. this meant that motorcycles and bicycles were conceived by musical instrument producers, whereas musical instruments were realized by motorbike makers. the resulting creations spark new emotions as a different perception of use and styling was explored.





the ‘root’ motorcycle removes all meters and instrument panels from the rider’s view, enabling him or her to feel as if they are part of the passing scenery. the saddle’s form was crafted to flow from the front to the fuel tank, taking its influence from a horse motif. this provides a sense of unity among people, nature and the vehicle.

the form was created to flow from the seat to the fuel tank



experiencing the root motorbike
all videos courtesy of yamaha corporation


the battery power can then be taken out of the stand




the electrically power assisted ‘zero plus/minus zero’ bicycle can be placed on a recharging stand and when the cyclists pedal it, the battery is refilled. this power storage can be removed from the station and then shared with the family, energizing musical instruments and other electric appliances. the prototype encourages a lifestyle that has a positive attitude and approach towards electricity usage.



the energized battery can power many electrical appliances, as well as assisting the bike’s pedalling



the electrically power assisted zero plus/minus zero bicycle


it allows performers to let their imaginations run wild on an assortment of different kinds of drums




the ‘RAIJIN god of the thunder drums’ aim to create an ideal form which allows humans to go beyond existing methods of self-expression. resembling the shape of a globe, the performer’s energy erupts from the center and lets them explore the wide range of different drums. almost like a dancer, the concept creates an increasingly visually dynamic wold for sound.



a close-up view of the assortment of drums



RAIJIN god of the thunder drums


the seating of the performers brings to mind the image of a two-seater motorcycle




the ‘FUJIN god of the wind’ marimbas, designed for two performers, combines and increases the duo’s energy. its seating arrangement, much like a two-seater motorbike, enables them to enjoy the thrill of unexpected swings as they play.



this instrument was created by motorcycle designers



FUJIN god of the wind marimba