practice in silence with yamaha’s brass instrument muting system
all images courtesy of yamaha




playing the trumpet in an apartment in a large city might not always be popular with one’s neighbors. yamaha’s ‘silent brass’ muting system addresses this dilemma head on. the construction and circuitry have been completely reworked since it’s first implementation back in 1995. yamaha’s improved technology has made it lighter, smaller, more ergonomic, as well as producing a better sound quality.


artist eric miyashiro plays with yamaha’s ‘silent brass’
video courtesy of yamaha  




a team effort from three key designers – keizo tatsumi, yuichiro suenaga and kei kunisada, worked on the challenge of creating a smaller, lighter tool that has a precise weight balance when attached to the wind instrument. it was also important that the compact ‘pickup mute’ system would be easier for musicians to play in an even greater variety of settings. 

yamaha-silent-brass-design-for-asia-award-designboom-02the kit includes a horn insert, amplifier and headphones




‘by silencing the instrument and at the same time achieving a sound quality that satisfies the player, the silent brass muting system effectively expands the choice of environments in which music can be enjoyed,’ explains designer yuichiro suenaga. ‘and that has to be a good thing.’ 

yamaha-silent-brass-design-for-asia-award-designboom-03 yamaha-silent-brass-design-for-asia-award-designboom-04the insert suctions into the horn output yamaha-silent-brass-design-for-asia-award-designboom-05the ‘silent brass’ comes in four sizes

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