yuhan zhang conceives living spaces doubling as transportation with 2050 volvo concept
all images courtesy of yuhan zhang




the city landscape is undoubtedly experiencing rapid transformation. with the fast rate of urbanization, it seems very plausible that people will be live in a vertical city served by new kinds of transportation infrastructure. yuhan zhang works across architecture and automotive design project a vision of the future that sees the living space double functioning as transportation. her 2050 volvo ‘mobility & immobility’ concept is a visual experiment that imagines capsules with detachable wheels that provide open-endedness ability to move and furniture needs. the concept includes omni-wheels with fused autonomous abilities powered by self-supplied battery packs. retractable suspension accompanied by maglev technology allow it to park anywhere. 

a breakdown of the concept

each wheel acts as a drone with its own power source 

the interior 

driver interface 

lounge seats offer flexible functionality

designed for vertical housing 

design options include a glass roof

sketches by yuhan zhang