yves béhar takes on thermostats with hive 2 for british gas
all images courtesy of fuseproject





yves béhar/fuseproject worked with the ‘hive active heating’ team at british gas for two years to develop and construct a thermostat that solves the problems of new technologies often being too complex and cumbersome in real life. like traditional temperature controllers in the home, installation, use, and fit was never really considered until now. designing the form factor and digital experience simultaneously, they were able to create a product that is familiar, while at the same time delivering a totally refreshing experience.  

the frames come in many different colors




‘from an industrial design point, we wanted to keep the dial. it’s an iconic element and something that people are familiar with,’ describes yves béhar. ‘an user experience team and the industrial design team worked side by side, defining not just the size and the look, but also exactly what we wanted the information to be displayed. the display needed to blend in. we didn’t want it to look like another box with a framed computer screen, so we really wanted just the numbers and the information to appear on the surface. which is the reason for the mirrored display.’ 


video courtesy of fuseproject





the industrial design team in san francisco drew from new forms and materials, to create a NCVM (non-conductive vacuum metallization) front treatment that makes the device resemble a small mirror and hides the display unless someone is operating it. fuseproject wanted to make it blend into the home, and reflect it to the surrounding environment. unlike other tech products of today, the ‘hive 2’ thermostat is meant to live in a home for years, while at the same time the changeable color and material frames make the product adapt to a range of home décor and even a new homeowner.

mirrored finished blends with its surroundings