yves béhar / fuseproject designs slimmest jawbone UP2 wearable band
images courtesy of jawbone




at a full 45% smaller than the brand’s previous bands, including the ‘UP24‘, the jawbone ‘UP2’ is the slimmest, most comfortable and most discreet wearable wristband to date. designed by the san francisco-based firm fuseproject which is led by yves béhar, the product does exactly what it is intended for, providing data about the wearer’s life so that they can make healthier choices. furthermore, it functions twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. with the ever-changing field of wearable technology, the consumer technology company have stayed true to their main goal, making stylish wrist-worn devices that can be worn day and night.

the wearable device is the elegant successor to the UP24




‘wearable technology is transforming dramatically. we are seeing numerous iterations of wearables, from large displays encased in plastic to watch-like technology on the wrist.  in thinking about the convergence of this technology with new form factors, we approach our design work at jawbone uniquely, with a focus on style and all-day, 24/7 wear.’ said fuseproject founder and CEO yves béhar.

it can be worn day and night, seven days a week




with a distinct clasp that enables the band to be one-size-fits all, the jawbone ‘UP2’ features the brand’s recognizable patterning that has been laser-etched directly into the aluminum, removing the need for additional materials. first launching in the classic black and silver editions, in the future, the color possibilities are said to endless with future styles, materials and textures available.

the bands will be first launched in its classical black and silver colors




‘as I said, the wearable market is evolving dramatically as technology improves. while some companies are trying to make their products do everything, we are trying to make our products do what you need them to do – to be there for you 24/7. UP2 provides this in a form that works the best in your life – no flashy screens, no unnecessary buttons and features – ‘just’ a beautiful, stylish, small, comfortable, and truly wearable band.’ added yves.

the distinct clip enables the band to be one-size-fits all