yves béhar expands jawbone’s UP activity trackers to be more fashion focused
all images courtesy jawbone





with the help of yves béhar’s fuseproject design studio, jawbone launched the latest designs for the ‘UP2 and ten new colors for ‘UP2’ and ‘UP3’, further expanding the portfolio of fashion focused activity trackers. in addition to updated hardware, jawbone improved functionality and reliability through a free over the air software update. 

yves-behar-jawbone-UP-wearables-designboom-02they come in a variety of colors 




shaped by yves béhar, the ‘UP’ activity trackers are slim and have been developed to allow for 27/7 wear that can be easily accessorized with jewelry or watches on the wrist. with this fresh overhaul, users no longer need to tap the band to enter and exit sleep mode. now the band automatically detects when the user has fallen asleep at night and when they wake up in the morning. the system will continue to recognize and track detailed sleep stages. it also adds passive hear rate tracking to jawbone’s multi sensor trackers, ‘UP3’ and ‘UP4’, which previously only measured resting heart rate and heart rate throughout the night. this new addition gives users a more complete picture of their heart health. 

yves-behar-jawbone-UP-wearables-designboom-03focused around being a versatile fashion accessory 


yves-behar-jawbone-UP-wearables-designboom-05the ‘UP4’ version


yves-behar-jawbone-UP-wearables-designboom-06the ‘UP2’ in different colors


yves-behar-jawbone-UP-wearables-designboom-07all the straps available  


yves-behar-jawbone-UP-wearables-designboom-08many have contrasting textures 


yves-behar-jawbone-UP-wearables-designboom-09all the options laid out 


yves-behar-jawbone-UP-wearables-designboom-10concept drawings and materials


yves-behar-jawbone-UP-wearables-designboom-11the package of the jawbone ‘UP3’


yves-behar-jawbone-UP-wearables-designboom-12unbundling the jawbone