yves béhar designs juicero: a straightforward, countertop cold-pressed juicing system
all images courtesy of juicero




juicero is a health and wellness startup on a mission to make it easier for consumers to access fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. the juicing system, designed by yves béhar’s fuseproject, is wi-fi enabled and built with industrial-grade materials, sized as a countertop machine accompanied by one-button operation. 


video courtesy of juicero




‘to understand the juicer, you first have to understand the value of the larger offering,’ explains designer yves béhar. ‘juicero has considered every detail of the experience so that users don’t have to. the fresh-picked blends come in packs where the fruits and vegetables are cut perfectly to maximize the juice emitted, and the recipes are simply delicious and healthy – all directly from the farm to your home. the goal for our juicer is to create a seamless cold-pressing experience, with no mess or cleanup – a stark contrast to the bulky and labor-intensive industrial juicers currently on the market.’

the juicero main unit 




the company’s proprietary packs contain 100% raw, organic produce that is triple washed, chopped, mixed, pack, delivered and ready for juicing. the design allows the produce to breathe until the moment of pressing, ensuring fresh juice in every glass. the system creates cold-pressed juice in the comfort of the home in mere minutes, with absolutely no prep, hassle, or cleanup required. 


‘aesthetically, our goal was to balance the organic with the mechanical, creating a luxurious yet approachable kitchen device,’ continues béhar. ‘a simple white finish complements any kitchen environment, with a pop of color representing the natural fresh juice in the door lining subtly visible from the outside. a sculptural cavity in the base helps direct the user where to put their glass, but also keeps the product stable when the door is open. aluminum on the exterior of the face shows its quality and structural integrity, while adding an element of tactility to it.’

front faceplate opens to mount the individualized juice packs




‘I believe that design is about delivering new experiences and accelerating the adoption of new ideas, and juicero is exactly the kind of experience that needs to be brought into the world. with its simple yet refined design and its health-centric ethos, juicero has mastered the farm-to-glass model for real in-home cold-pressed juice. this is juicing, reinvented.’

installing the packs

fuseproject’s design process 

the main unit only features one button 

the aluminum finish 

the slim profile requires little countertop space 

inside mechanics