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zapata's personal flying airscooter takes off and glides using VR joysticks on board

Egg-shaped personal flying machine ‘airscooter’ by ZAPATA


Franky Zapata’s personal flying machine, AirScooter, is equipped with two joysticks onboard that resemble the ones used for VR gaming and that control the VTOL, giving the pilot the sensation of being in a jetfighter video game. ZAPATA, the company that also introduced Flyboard Air and JetRacer, unveiled AirScooter in June 2023 during the Viva Technology event, where attendees had the opportunity to see the live model of the personal flying machine.


Looking at the design, AirScooter features six rotors extending from its body, forming a pinwheel style. This design is intended to facilitate easy vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL). Each rotor is equipped with twin sharp blades, and they are not enclosed so caution must be observed. ZAPATA indicates that the personal flying machine and VTOL would be powered by a hybrid-electric propulsion system that could provide ‘a longer flight time than any other VTOL in the market,’ as stated by ZAPATA.

zapata personal flying airscooter vtol
video stills and images by ZAPATA via Youtube



top speed at 100 km/h with cruise speed of 80 km/h


The VTOL AirScooter by ZAPATA is generous in giving the pilot scenic views from the inside. Its egg-shaped body makes it easy for the design team to opt for panoramic glass around the front part of the personal flying machine. It might entail that looking up, down, and sideways from the VTOL may feel as if the pilot were soaring high without barriers. Inside AirScooter, the cushioned seat has safety belts, and as soon as the pilot sits down, they can navigate the personal aircraft using the console-like joysticks in front of them.


While the full specs are yet to be disclosed, ZAPATA shares that the VTOL AirScooter could have a flight time of up to almost two hours. Its potential top speed is at 100 km/h with a cruise speed of 80 km/h. The maximum payload is at 120 kilos, and since it is hybrid-electric, the petrol tank can carry up to 18.9 liters. The personal flying machine – whose mass market release may still be up in the air – is dubbed compliant with the Federal Aviation Authority Regulations and can be flown without a pilot’s license in the US as an ultralight aircraft.

zapata personal flying airscooter vtol
the personal flying VTOL AirScooter has six rotors with twin blades

zapata personal flying airscooter vtol
inside, the personal aircraft is controlled using VR-like joysticks

zapata personal flying airscooter vtol
close up view of the rotor

zapata personal flying airscooter vtol
ZAPATA’s personal flying VTOL AirScooter has an egg-shaped body

zapata personal flying airscooter vtol
the generous windows allow panoramic viewing

zapata personal flying airscooter vtol
rear view of the VTOL AirScooter


ZAPATA’s personal flying machine and VTOL AirScooter


project info:


name: AirScooter

company: ZAPATA

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