UAE startup zarooq aims to build and race homegrown sand dune vehicle
all images courtesy of zarooq





the zarooq ‘sandracer’ was created in order to be able to organize an off-road single-make championship in dubai. from the design to the actual manufacturing of the chassis and body, the whole vehicle would be made in the united arab emirates. the car would be road legal, and packed with practical necessities on top of a carbon fiber chassis. 


‘it had to be fit for purpose, of course, hence the significant ground clearance, limited overhang or the room necessary for significant suspension travel,’ explains zarooq ‘sandracer’ designer anothny jannarelly. ‘it also had to meet the standards to be road legal, yet we clearly focused on designing a car that is unique, aggressive and we hope, one day, iconic.’ zarooq motors have devised a realistic development plan primarily focused on developing sales in the UAE, aimed at drivers who want a high-performance sand racing car, which is affordable and easy to maintain. as a result, the company plans to start selling the ‘sandracer’ in early 2016. 

zarooq-sandracer-concept-designboom-02it would have a wheelbase of 2820mm zarooq-sandracer-concept-designboom-03the engine would be a 3,948 cc six cylinder creating 304bhp  zarooq-sandracer-concept-designboom-04the front LED headlights  zarooq-sandracer-concept-designboom-06the ‘sandracer’ would sit on 33 inch tires zarooq-sandracer-concept-designboom-07independent suspension would  handle the rough terrain