zemi aria features ron arad’s spherical themes paired with premium audio components
all images courtesy of zemi




founded by francesco pellisari, zemi audio combines italian themes and artisan construction with acoustic and technical prowness. the company’s debut product is the spherical-shaped zemi ’aria’ speaker. featuring apple’s ‘airplay’ connectivity and bluetooth technology for a wireless experience, it gives music lovers high quality sound in a distinctively formed design. 

the ‘aria’ in red




francesco pellisari under the tutelage of hi-fi engineer roy allison, devoted his life to creating the speaker, focusing on high-gloss finishes and premium audio components. ron arad’s grille adds a finishing touch that covers two silk dome tweeters, a single bass and three powerful 125W amplifiers. produced in a neutral color palette, the zemi ‘aira’ speaker reproduces the listening experience that musicians and recording studios intended. 


video courtesy of zemi


shaped to house three 125W amplifiers 

the wireless speaker in white 

‘aria’ uses apple’s ‘airplay’ connectivity 

the rear backplate 

two silk dome tweeters and a single bass hide behind ron arad’s grille