as the world turns toward electric vehicles in the effort to achieve its ultimate net-zero emissions target, zero labs seeks to reconcile the ‘past we love’ with the ‘future we need.’ while the design team celebrates the departure from fossil-based vehicle sales, it recognizes that over 15 million classic cars will be left behind and rendered obsolete. now, zero labs envisions a so-called ‘classic electric revolution,’ inspired by drivers who seek to support a clean energy future, but have little interest in autonomous driving, tablet display, and plastic interiors — valuing 20th century craft and car design. zero labs develops a platform with which every classic can be transformed into an electric ‘clean energy hero.’

zero labs classic electric
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zero labs automotive introduces the world’s first fully electric platform engineered specifically for transforming a range of classic vehicle models. using this platform the design team has already fabricated classic electric vehicles, including a land rover and ford bronco. the project is developed in the wake of a projected global ban on fossil fuels, with norway among the first countries aiming to end the sale of fossil fuel-powered cars, setting a 2025 deadline. the ‘classic electric platforms’ are designed to transform four gasoline and diesel vehicle formats each with numerous makes, models and size configurations. these formats include the classic 4×4 (1947-1975), the classic muscle (pre-1975), the classic 2-door coupé (1948-1975), and the classic pickup (1947-1975). zero labs invites drivers to inquire now for converting their existing classic vehicle to electric.

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with its classic electric platform, zero labs automotive invites drivers to preserve their cars’ beloved heritage while accelerating the deployment of electric vehicles and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. the electric platform enhances the performance of classic vehicles, offering an extended range of 235 miles between charges and a dramatic increase in power compared to the pre-1975 originals. for instance, options include a 600HP dual motor all-wheel drive — a 471% improvement over 1966 original HP. classic originals will be faster, more powerful, and cleaner — 2030 global emissions mandate ready.

zero labs classic electric zero labs classic electric zero labs classic electric zero labs classic electric zero labs classic electric



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project title: classic electric platform

manufacturer: zero labs automotive | @zerolabsauto

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