the zero ‘xu’ electric motorcycle with removable battery pack

one of five electric models in the company’s 2011 lineup, ‘xu‘ by zero is the world’s first street motorcycle to include a removable power pack that can be swapped in and out and used in conjunction with a stand-alone charger.

quieter and simpler to use than their internal-combustion counterparts, electric motorcycles are an appealing alternative for a range of city-dwellers. at the same time, urbanites are less likely to have the garage or outdoor space required for electric charging, a problem solved by the power pack on the ‘xu’, which can be removed from the device and brought indoors to charge. the feature also provides easy swapping in and out for fleets of motorcyclists.

zero: xu electric motorcycle full profile view

zero: xu electric motorcycle front view

built on a dirt bike frame but optimized for urban use, the ‘xu’ has a maximum speed of 51mph (82km/hr), with a single-charge driving range of 30 miles (48 km).

whether connected to the power pack or directly to the 218lb (99kg) bike, the device’s charger fits into any standard 110 or 220 volt outlet and provides a charge time of 2 hours to completion on standard mode, or 1.2 hours on quick-charge mode.

zero: xu electric motorcycle closer view of battery pack

planned to retail for 7,995 USD, the ‘zero xu’ is already available for order, and the first models are expected to be available later this month.

zero: xu electric motorcycle the ‘zero xu’ on the streets

zero: xu electric motorcycle detail on rear lights

zero: xu electric motorcycle detail on ignition panel

footage of the bike in use on the streets

via gizmag