RoboCar G by ZMP inc envisions autonomous driving




tokyo robotic startup  ZMP inc has announced the release of ‘RoboCar G’, a one seater electric vehicle intended for researchers who want to work with the next-generation of autonomous cars. a series of sensors including a laser range finder, a stereo camera, a GPS (global positioning system), an IMU (inertial measurement unit), a miliwave radar and a sonar sensor can be mounted onto this 211 pound minicar. the sensors will help the car operate as a computer-controlled ‘robot vehicle’. moreover, it will run using a lithium-ion battery on a brushless DC electric motor at a top speed of 37 mph.

RoboCar G by ZMP inc envisions autonomous driving left: RoboCar G final design right: RoboCar G prototype




‘RoboCar G’ will be customized to each driver whereby the user will choose the type and number of sensors to be mounted, thus, affecting the final cost of the vehicle.


test driving ‘RoboCar G’


test driving ‘RoboCar G’ prototype