1 in 3 pets will get lost at some point in their lifetime, while nearly 10 million pets in the U.S. are lost every year. in an attempt to combat this issue, petcare brand IAMS has launched a beta version of its app ‘NOSEiD’, using advanced technology to identify lost dogs by their unique nose print. developed by adam&eveDDB, the innovative app might actually help our furry friends find their way home again.

meet 'NOSEiD': the nose-scanning app that helps bring lost dogs home
all images courtesy of IAMS



‘NOSEiD’ by IAMS invites users to build a customized profile for their dog, adding their unique nose print along with a physical description. in case their pet goes missing, the owner can report it as lost and an alert will be sent immediately to other app users. anyone who finds a lost dog can also use the app to scan the found pet’s nose, look through the missing dog alerts and search for matches. if the dog is successfully identified, the finder can connect with the owner to reunite them as quickly as possible.



the research team at adam&eveDDB trained a machine learning model to recognize and recall the noses of individual dogs, before developing the technology to make it available in a standard smartphone. the app uses the camera to scan the pet’s nose in real-time and turn it into a ‘nose ID’ – a biometric identity unique to each dog. in addition, the app features a variety of useful resources for pet owners, such as an interactive map of lost dogs and a lost dog poster generator. 

meet 'NOSEiD': the nose-scanning app that helps bring lost dogs home



the brand is partnering with local animal shelters to educate dog owners on the app and its benefits, as well as other preventative measures such as microchipping, while it also helps them connect with local businesses such as groomers and dog walkers. ‘NOSEiD’ is available for apple and android devices for users in nashville, meanwhile interested users can download the app or sign up to be notified when the app is available in their area.


meet 'NOSEiD': the nose-scanning app that helps bring lost dogs home



project info:


name: NOSEiD
brand: IAMS
developer: adam&eveDDB