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stefano giovannoni’s rabbit chair uses a playful silhouette

by  Qeeboo from Italy
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Product Description

The ‘Rabbit Chair’ is the last creation that came out of Stefano Giovannoni’s magic hat, rounding out a family of products that has a strong communicative media power.


The idea of the rabbit comes from the connection between its silhouette and the silhouette of a chair, where the rabbit’s ears become seat back. It has two variations, for adults and for kids, so that young and old can sit down and enjoy the comfort of the rabbit. There is also a third version that can illuminated, functioning as a lamp.


The rabbit is a gentle animal, lovable and tender. In Western and Eastern culture it symbolizes love and fertility, it is a sweet and auspicious object that brings good fortune and good wishes.


Material: polyethylene
Dimensions: 395 x 688 x H 800 mm
Colors: violet, white, light grey, grey, dove grey, green, pink, orange

Additional Information


Rabbit Chair


dove-grey, green, grey, light-grey, orange, pink, violet, white

seller information

  • address: Via Stendhal 35 20144 Milan, Italy
  • QEEBOO Next Generation Brand By Stefano Giovannoni Qeeboo is a new generation brand: a new way to manufacture and distribute design. Qeeboo is an Italian brand that, strong in its Italian way to think design, opens to the international market, focusing to reach people’s heart. Qeeboo, unlike traditional companies is not burgeois, it moves on a new business model, choosing the web as its key point and then using it to shorten the supply chain. Qeeboo produces objects meant to be delivered to a large audience, combining high level of quality with low costs. Qeeboo and its designers move through a narrative approach coming out from their expressive language, having in common a figurative research as an important element of communication, creating iconic objects with a great emotional power. Qeeboo is a brand created by Stefano Giovannoni who called Andrea Branzi, Front, Richard Hutten, Marcel Wanders, Nika Zupanc to join to the first collection. Qeeboo will present 25 plastic objects, among which chairs, tables, lamps and accessories realized thanks to advanced industrial technologies and techniques. Qeeboo has a very light operative structure by outsourcing many of its activities. It thinks playfully, it produces taking care of the quality, it talks with the audience and tries to imagine the future.


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