Bolbi Design Stool: Dutch-made, dynamic seating for healthy posture.

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Bolbi Design Stool

The very sturdy BolBi design stool is the result of the encounter of two elements with contrasting characteristics. The rounded shape of the soft but firm seat is, so to speak, formed by the robust metal base. ‘Bi’ in the name BolBi stands for these two components.

The modern BolBi is, in fact, a stool with active seating. The slightly rounded shape of the seat keeps the body, constantly seeking balance, in continuous motion. This dynamic way of sitting strengthens your muscles and promotes a healthy and natural posture.

The modern BolBi design stool is entirely made in the Netherlands by skilled craftsmen. While they utilize modern techniques, a significant amount of manual work is still involved. The materials used are of high quality. The upholstery comes from the Dutch company Keymer. Standard version in the fabric series Moss, colours sea blue or smoothie green, and Lima Light grey Melange and Ochre Yellow. Upon request, all types and brands of fabrics can be applied, also, the colour of the base can be chosen according to your preference. Specials at a rate to be determined later.


Lima Light Grey melange Lima Ochre Yellow Moss Sea Blue Moss Smoothie Green

Middelste Groes 29d
Heesch 5384 VV netherlands

Ilse Bouwens

Ilse studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She graduated on a lamp called the Connecting Clamp Lamp and a stool called Bolbi.

After this study she managed to start the web shop Heeej, , first selling design products to consumers. In the past years her creations are sold to the retail market too.

At the moment she specializes in bird feeders and birdhouses.

In all her designs the environment plays a great roll, constantly looking for recycled materials.

Middelste Groes 29D

5384 VV  Heesch

The Netherlands

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