from netherlands

Sarah Trenité has been a designer of furniture since 1996. Marketed under Arpdesign, her own brand, Sarah’s work is characterised by the "form follows construction" principle.
When setting out on the design of a new product, she asks herself three questions:
Is it functional?
Is it innovative?
Is it also timeless?
Combining these three qualities ensures that the design turns into a piece of furniture that is admired for both its enduring aesthetic appeal and enjoyably refreshing functionality.
Sarah’s naturally keen visual perception was sharpened further by her early formal training as a photographer, while her practical understanding of what is possible in furniture was gained directly in the workshop she later shared with two cabinetmakers.
For Sarah, designing furniture is an artistic and artisanal process, taking her from the initial sketch through to a final drawing, then on to a scale model and the first prototype. Her inspired creativity is backed up by a solid understanding of craftsmanship.
Sarah designed the Loupe chair in 2021. The chair is made in the Netherlands.
Please contact Sarah for further information: [email protected]

Kleine Houtstraat 36
Haarlem 2011 DN netherlands