Connection Clamp Lamp 4: Designed by Ilse, featuring environmental focus.

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Connection Clamp Lamp 4 – CCL 4

For the design of this minimalist lamp, designer Ilse Bouwens investigated material properties. The Connection Clamp Lamp 4, abbreviated as CCL 4, is the result of 2 material encounters: by clamping the flexible polypropylene lampshade into the 4 rigid aluminium tubes, a unique light object is created. The aluminium tubes, in a sense, take the lead in shaping the polypropylene.

The CCL 4 is a special mood lamp in many ways. First of all, you can hang it on the wall or use it as a standing design lamp. When the lamp is lit, a special play of colours and shapes is created. And what is also special: the CCL looks beautiful both from the front and from the back.

The technology is also remarkable. The polypropylene ‘cap’ has guides on both sides. By clicking the coloured cap into the 4 separate tubes, a connection is created through which electricity can flow. Because LED lighting operates on low voltage, the plug has a power adapter and a USB connection.


Additional information about the design & manufacturing process

With this modern mood lamp, Ilse Bouwens successfully graduated from the Academy of Arts & Crafts Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam. If her name seems familiar to you: she is co-owner of

For the design of the CCL, Ilse searched for the limits and possibilities of material properties. Ilse: “I create material encounters from which a new function emerges.” Her designs are characterized by a good story and sustainability. They are timeless so they withstand trends so you can enjoy them longer.

Her lamps are made in collaboration with a specialized lighting company in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. She finishes and packages them herself with her family. The packaging and lampshade, are recyclable. LED light, which is sustainable anyway, has been used. CCL is delivered very compact (flat) to minimize the footprint during shipping.


Almond Terra Chocolat Brown Frosty White Lead Dark Green Lemon Yellow Melon Pink

Middelste Groes 29d
Heesch 5384 VV netherlands

Ilse Bouwens

Ilse studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She graduated on a lamp called the Connecting Clamp Lamp and a stool called Bolbi.

After this study she managed to start the web shop Heeej, , first selling design products to consumers. In the past years her creations are sold to the retail market too.

At the moment she specializes in bird feeders and birdhouses.

In all her designs the environment plays a great roll, constantly looking for recycled materials.

Middelste Groes 29D

5384 VV  Heesch

The Netherlands

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