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tea light 147 is a reversible candle holder

by  danzo from Taiwan
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Product Description

Tea Light 147 is inspired by a simple idea of making the luminous intensity of candlelight literally dimmable.


The reversible dish-shaped holder, with concentric rings engraved on the bottoms, presents three positioning choices for tea lights in the numbers of 1, 4 or 7; also works as a steady plate for larger candles in different sizes.

Additional Information


lava-black, meteor-silver

seller information

  • address: 27 Alley 53, Lane 12, Sec.3 Bade Road Taipei 10558 Taiwan
  • Danzo Studio was founded in 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan by designers Wei-Lun Tseng (Design Academy Eindhoven) and I-Han Chen (HDK, Gothenburg). Starting up as an entrepreneurial design brand, we are aspired to present superior design products to the world. By integrating graphic design with peripheral creative minds, our professionals deliver quality designs with sharp messages, moreover, designs with soul and spirit.


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worldwide $12.00


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via TNT Express. Usually arrives in 3-5 working days.


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Final sale only. No refunds accepted.