Arbor Brooch: A 3D-printed, hand-dyed nylon brooch inspired by tree-like marine plant forms

by monocircus from japan

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One singular stem from the bottom, extends into two stems, and from two, it further extends into four stems

and this division continues as each stem extends and divides, creating this intriguing form that looks like a tree.

However, this characteristic is typical not for a tree but a marine plant in the ocean.

When we imagine a tree-like shape in our mind, we always imagine such a characteristic. To us, this dividing property is somehow rather symbolic.

We came upon the word, arbor, when we were looking for a word to describe this characteristic, rather than the tree itself.

It’s actually a word used to refer to a tree before it was being called a ‘tree’!

So we thought it was a perfect way to describe the shape we associate with trees, thus the name, ‘arbor’.

This item would be like a tree ‘larva’ which seems to have an adorable presence that seems so unique.

We hope you will enjoy the item which will look great not just on the ladies but the men as well!

Arbor is an original design by monocircus. 3D printed in Nylon plastic and hand-dyed in the various colors.

material: nylon plastic

dimensions: W 8.0 x H 7.3 x T 1.0 cm


black green grey pink blue red white


Monocircus is a design atelier and an online store based in Japan, run by Kazunori Takeishi and Shing Ee, Lim.

Based on the key concept of seeking a lifestyle enriched by Art and Design,
Monocircus aims at developing various forms of products within the paradigm of lifestyle design,
that are not constrained by scale,
ranging from accessories and small items to be worn, to furniture, public art, interior and architecture design.

Since the founding of Monocircus,
3D printing technology was particularly made a focal point for its possibility of realizing complex designs and forms
that were not possible to be realized by hand. With materials such as nylon plastic, stainless steel and silver,
3D printing technology was utilised to produce a varied series of original items.
To date, Monocircus has created a multitude of fashion accessories with the concept of ‘wearable’ Art objects
and since its beginning in 2011, Monocircus has been featured in local and foreign media, gained popularity from its online business,
and has been actively involved in numerous market events held in major departmental stores and exposition events.


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