Chen Taoz

from israel

In the atelier of light, where creativity dances with innovative craftsmanship, resides the remarkable work of Chen Taoz.

A visionary artist and lighting designer, Taoz’s creations transcend mere illumination; they breathe life into the legacies of artistic masters, philosophers, scientists, and leaders, reflecting the course of human civilization.

Careful alchemy of traditional methods like metal turning, glass blowing, weaving, and ceramics is combined with cutting-edge technologies such as laser cutting and 3D printing. Chen's studio and her collaboration with local factories and artisans celebrate a confluence of techniques, all culminating in works of brilliant luminescence. Through varying lights, temperatures, and angles, Chen explores the sublime connection between material and light, forging a distinct aesthetic that resonates deeply with human emotion.

Since establishing her studio in 2019, Chen Taoz has crafted four lighting collections, along with customized designs that grace both personal spaces and public domains. Whether infusing intimate settings with inspirational luminance or adorning grand lobbies, hotels, and public arenas with exquisite radiance, her work kindles the spirit of greatness, inviting all who encounter it to reach for the stars.

Chen Taoz’s global recognition is quietly growing, with her artistry being featured in local and international publications. Her participation in key events and galleries such as the "Fresh Paint Fair" in Israel and "Salone Satellite" during Milan Design Week has caught the eye of art enthusiasts, collectors, and critics alike.

Recent exhibitions have allowed a closer look at her evolving brilliance, such as the solo exhibition at "Vitrina" gallery in Holon, titled "Lighting Texture," curated by Dr. Dalia Manor.

Among her accolades, she has received awards, including the "Cultural export of plastic arts" from the Foundation for Independent Artists and the Ministry of Culture and Sport Israel.

Every creation of Chen Taoz is bespoke, a blend of client needs, space harmony, and artistic intuition. The production process's handmade nature imbues each piece with a uniqueness, a personal touch that makes every item a treasured heirloom.

You are invited to immerse yourself in the world of Chen Taoz, where reverence meets innovation, where the essence of humanity is captured in luminous form. Her work is not just about light but the glow of inspiration, insight, and the human spirit's eternal flame.

For those who seek the remarkable, who honor the past while embracing the future, Chen Taoz's creations offer a journey into artistry, meaning, and the profound connection between us all. Join us in this exploration and let the radiant glow of Chen Taoz's artistry illuminate your world.