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december 7th, 2009

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dear designboom reader,

the intelligent hand
the craftsman establishes a close relationship between head and hand, man and machine,
and is constantly looking for new tools and techniques to improve the work process.
thanks to ongoing innovation, craftsmanship is an all but defunct art form.
designboom and 'MACEF international home show' are co-organizing a new design
competition, and this 6th edition refers to the 'making is thinking' process.
we are looking for small furniture and home accessories, tableware and other utensils, ...
application registration will be accepted only through january 02, 2010.
be quick, enroll here.

designboom mart stockholm
as part of the cultural program of the stockholm furniture fair,
designboom will once again host a group exhibition of around 40 international
design professionals from around the world.
the designboom stockholm mart will take place february 09 - 13, 2010.
more info.

thanks for reading us

(in case you missed them!)

interview | MAD architects / ma yansong
what advice would you give to the young?
don't hesitate.
make a decision fast. follow the first 5 seconds instinct. if you think
you need to compare and you hesitate, then it must be a wrong decision.
as in your life one decision comes after the other and if you realize you do
something wrong, you know it is because of a previous decision, which
was a mistake. I think everyone should follow their heart...

serie architects / chris lee and kapil gupta: the tote, mumbai
the structural system adopted is that of a tree-branch. the wine bar,
restaurant, pre-function and banquet facilities is captured within a
different spatial volume, defined by the variable degree
of the branching structure.
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subway architecture
architecture plays a big role in defining the environment of the subway.
here is a collection of some of the most architecturally interesting
subway stations
read more

WOHA: masterplan for singapore 2050
during singapore design week 09, WOHA presented a masterplan
for singapore 2050. the projects were compiled into a science-fiction
newspaper and included stories on the various structural developments
of singapore's future, and advertising related to the tourism and
agricultural industries of the nation.
read more

henderson waves
by RSP architects planners and engineers, IJP corporation
henderson waves, jointly designed by RSP architects planners
& engineers and IJP corporation, is singapore's highest pedestrian bridge
and was awarded this year's design of the year at the
president's design award, singapore.
read more

MAD architects: urban forest
connected by a core cylindrical structure, each level's interior is protected
by full length glass windows with a see-through, wrap around balcony.
this provides transparency throughout the building, and makes the floors
almost seem as if they are floating on top of one another.
read more

we architecture: TT-villa
located in phuket, thailand, we architecture's aim was to design
a building where both interior and exterior has equal contact
to nature and sea, an oasis in a tropical surrounding with
the commodities of modern living.
read more

tokujin yoshioka: Maison Hermès window display
'the window is designed with an image of woman projected
on to a monitor. the scarf softly sways in the air in response
to the woman’s blow. ' - TY
read more

5.5 designers: 'guide to free farming' project
5.5 designers proposed 'the guide to free farming' at the ICSID
world design congress during singapore design week 09.
lead by design indaba the research project uses radical
solutions to produce food, energy and resources..
read more

daisung kim: 24K pencil
gold is currently at the highest price it has ever been.
hand crafted, the surface of the pencil is carefully plated
with a thin layer of actual 99% pure gold.
read more

wytze van mansum: cannondale dutchess
the bicycle is designed for the female cyclist, with exploration
in development and providing opportunities in which women
can express their style in the urban environment.
read more

maria cristina bellucci: pencil crayon jewelry
maria cristina bellucci worked for many years as a theatre
costume designer and now creates her own jewelrymade
from coloured pencils
read more

yves behar: tony hawk ride skateboard game
'ride' is a brand new skateboard shaped wireless
video game controller that players stand on
to interact with the game.
read more

yayoi kusama: I want to live forever
yayoi kusama: I want to live forever, is an exclusive exhibition
at PAC, milan, italy dedicated to the contemporary work of the
japanese artist, focusing on her paintings, sculptures and
installations from the last decade along with some
of her formative drawings from the 1950s and 60s
read more

kohei sugiura
japanese graphic designer kohei sugiura presented
a lecture at icograda world design congress, beijing 09.
read more

brendan lee satish tang: manga ormol
born to trinidadian parents in ireland, brendan lee satish tang
is a ceramic artist who now resides in kamploops,
british columbia, canada.
read more

carsten nicolai - aoyama space
the works from the series 'aoyama spaces,'
as true-to-scale models of imagined spatial installations,
serve to investigate similar spatial configurations.
read more

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designboom and 'MACEF international home show' design competition.
participation is open to applicants from every country in the world,
to professionals, students, and design-enthusiasts.
free registration required.

craftsmanship is an all but defunct art form and can be found in
any field of endeavor imaginable. craftsmanship produces superior
quality products, with attention to detail that reflect the
careful artisan precision. by combining skill, commitment and judgment,
the craftsman establishes a close relationship between head and hand,
man and machine, which is vital to our physical, mental and societal well-being.
although many of the craftsman's tasks may be repetitive, it doesn't mean
he/she easily falls into a rut. instead, he/she is constantly
looking for new tools and techniques to improve the work process.
with imagination, he/she plays the role of industrial engineer who
is normally charged with such a task.
following the 'making is thinking', we seek out for contemporary and innovative
high-value home accessories, tableware, utensils, tools, furnitures ...

the designers of 3 winning entries will be granted with cash prize awards :
-first prize 5000 euro -second prize 3000 euro -third prize 2000 euro


registration closes on january 2nd
register here

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