in may 2006 the young british designer dash macdonald was among the participants in the ICFF designboom mart in new york. his designs proved to be very popular with both mart visitors and the exhibiting designers, because the user plays a central role. dash seeks to put interactivity at the center of his projects and incorporates an explanation of the process into the design itself.


go find a branch

‘the user adds a branch to complete the design and create a coat rack. it demands them to be active, to go and walk and find the right branch. they have to look and think, which one has the most interesting form? and choose, which will accommodate their needs?’


‘I have been exploring the idea of unfinished objects left open and incomplete, until the owners add something of themselves by injecting their own style, bringing the object to life through use, thus becoming an expression of their creativity and choice. these objects pose a dilemma, demanding the user to think and solve problems, engaging them in the process of creating,providing the satisfaction of doing and becoming connected through making something their own. read more