fully functional computer keyboard is made out of LEGO
all images courtesy of JK brickworks




lego engineer jason allemann at JK brickworks has transformed a diverse set LEGO bricks into a design for a fully functional computer keyboard. upcycling an old digital console he found on the side of the road, allemann has reclaimed it into a visually accurate and practical item, using numerals, arrows and letters printed on the blocks to delineate each character. creative, quirky details include a small lock motif and tiny baseball hat fixed to the caps lock key and diversely colored symbols replacing the command and shift keys. fitting all of the mechanical bits together, allemann showed off the keyboard’s perfect performance in a demonstration video, which you can take a look at below.


working lego computer keyboard
video courtesy of jk brickworks

the full keyboard built from LEGO bricks

the caps lock key features a tiny hat fixed to the brick

varying in color and size, the individual blocks form a functioning digital console

a prototype of what would be the final keyboard