Nimbus by 210557230376 from australia

designer's own words:

The cloud-shaped Nimbus is made of interlocking pieces in a variety of materials and uses embedded
string LED technology as the light source.The light sources of the Nimbus can take one of
three alternatives – static white light, kinetic white light and coloured RGB light which can emulate
spectacular lighting effects such as rippling storms and sunset clouds using DMX programming.Nimbus can be manufactured in a variety ofcreate materials and in different sizes according to differing needs. The Nimbus can be flatpacked for easy tranportation.
Nimbus , 1000mm x 600mm, 3 versions

• White acrylic with 50 individually addressable LED nodes
• Perforated aluminium with 50 individually addressable LED nodes
• Gold anodised perforated aluminium with 50 white LEDs.

Nimbus in anodised gold perforated aluminium
Nimbis in perforated aluminium

white acrylic nimbus
Nimbus group
Nimbus detail coloured LEDs