claesson koivisto rune’s brand smaller objects challenges the designer compensation model
(above) mårten claesson, eero koivisto and ola rune, founders of smaller objects




in 2015, swedish architects mårten claesson, eero koivisto and ola rune (studio claesson koivisto rune) established smaller objects — a household product range composed of useful design pieces that the trio would want for themselves (see more about the company on designboom here). the criteria? they need to be of a lesser size, functional, low-key is good, fine in fact, but not ruling out the odd design that makes more of a statement every now and then. ‘as with everything we are involved in, we believe in cultivating a longterm perspective. we hope to influence and inspire people to choose well-designed everyday objects that will be cherished until they’re passed on or inherited,’ say claesson koivisto rune.


collaborating with international creatives, the brand challenges the industry with a new compensation model. rather than the traditional 2-5% which is given, designers working with smaller objects receive 75% of the list price, i.e. the revenue from retailers. products are self-produced, and the the creatives are paid once an item is sold.
claesson koivisto rune smaller objects designboom
‘panama’ hat rest designed by mårten claesson




we are very happy to be able to replace the old compensation model with a new concept‘, says mårten claesson.


to realize the designers’ ideas we have been inspired by the sharing economy. unlike the more traditional setup, the smaller objects designer is financing his/her own production and will at the same time receive a larger percentage of the list price,’ says eero koivisto.


it’s a new era, demanding new business models and new methods of working smaller objects see the designer as an entrepreneur, active not only in the designing, but also in the development and business processes,’ adds ola rune.  claesson koivisto rune smaller objects designboom
‘little big ear’ designed by luca nichetto




during stockholm design week 2016, smaller objects is presenting nine additions to their collection that include designs by nendo, luca nichetto, jin kuramoto and ingegerd råman.



the products focus on employing materials such as ceramics, wood, wool and steel, along with items in leather and paper. however, the long-term perspective is still in focus — well-designed everyday objects that last and can be passed on to the next generation.

claesson koivisto rune smaller objects designboom
‘phantom’ container by jin kuramoto


‘phantom’ container by jin kuramoto


‘phantom’ container by jin kuramoto




smaller objects is close to our hearts. one of the criteria is that the objects in the collection are things that we want for ourselves, in our homes‘, says eero koivisto.


we are seeing a growing interest for the smaller scale of things‘, says ola rune who compares smaller objects with the slow food-movement. ‘we are working with smaller suppliers, smaller editions, far from the mass production industry.’


products from smaller objects catalogue are available through selected retailers for online purchase at koivisto rune smaller objects designboom
‘tab’ notebook by nendo




‘smaller objects’ is presented during new york design week 2016 at DOM interiors


‘tab’ notebook by nendo