Moonshake3D renders VR headset with Raspberry Pi


Virtual reality has gotten more real and exciting as Denmark-based CGI artist Moonshake3D renders a hyperrealistic VR headset that runs on card-sized Raspberry Pi. The three-dimensional stereo-immersive 64-bit video game system, which might be dubbed ‘Stereoscopic Display System,’ flashes graphic games of the golden days right before the user’s eyes, all the while making them look quite fashionable with the wooden design lining coupled with a transparent casing for the electronic board.


The adjustable headband is cushioned with soft padding, and a strip of fuzzy microfiber cloth protects the skull while providing ample space so it won’t strain the user’s head. The Raspberry Pi-powered VR headset is purely invented in Blender, alluding to the designer’s daily grind of being a CGI fellow. Some might wait for Moonshake3D’s VR headset, but whether or not the CGI artist’s design will be produced is still up in the air. 

moonshake3d vr headset raspberry pi
images courtesy of Moonshake3D



Inspired by the movie props of the 80s & 90s


Moonshake3D started learning Blender three years ago. He had worked with graphic design and photography years before that and realized that 3D seemed to be the perfect mix between the two, a knack he’s more than happy to venture into. He finds his inspiration from movie props and technology in the 80s and 90s for his VR headset running on Raspberry Pi. He worked on his project for a month, a side project to refuel his creative engine.


‘I actually wanted to make a bunch of super detailed textures, but I really liked the way the wood stood out in contrast to the clean-off white case. I try to mix warm and cold materials in most of my work as they complement each other nicely,’ he says. Touching on the materials, most of the objects he used for the VR headset, including the Raspberry Pi, came from his own handiwork.


‘But I have used materials from Poliigon for some of the fabric,’ he shares. ‘The texture is a simple fabric PBR material with a particle system emitting the fibers.’ Everything about Moonshake3D’s creation is made on Blender except for the logo on the headband. He says he used Adobe SP for that, but the rest is rendered with Cycles.

moonshake3d vr headset raspberry pi
raspberry pi

moonshake3d vr headset raspberry pi
the raspberry pi is enclosed in a transparent case

moonshake3d vr headset raspberry pi
detailed fuzzy microfibers



project info:


name: Stereoscopic Display System

designer: Moonshake3D

tools: Blender, Cycles, Adobe SP