T-Shell Portable Locker

T-Shell Portable Locker by fredgall from germany

designer's own words:

The problem: When you’re surfing, what about those few valuables you really, really need to not get wet, broken or stolen?
Couldn’t there be some sort of safe or locker you can carry around in your pocket and stuff your stuff into, so it stays dry and in place?
The T-Shell (working title) is the solution to this: The ultimate surfing companion that takes care of your stuff while you surf.

Ever grabbed your phone with wet hands and dropped it on the cliffs, only to see it break first and do a power slide then, right into the water? Never worry about that again.
Ever got your wallet stolen while you were in the swell? Forget about that, too.

The solution: During millions of years the sea turtle has perfectioned its shell. It’s incredibly strong and too big for predators to handle it at once, while at the same time its orifices are too small to enter.

Let’s take the shell of a sea turtle, strip down what’s unnecessary, and add what’s essential: This is a water-proof zipper, rubber flaps on the interior and a lock mechanism with an extendable steel cable to attach the shell to any lamp post, fence or whatever seems big enough to last.

On the outside, the T-Shell is just small enough to go in your bag or even pocket. On the inside, it is just big enough to fit a mobile, a wallet and some smaller items we all carry around in our pockets.

This is the ultimate surf companion: A portable, waterproof safe to contain your valuables so they don’t break, get wet or even stolen.
When you’re going surfing, just stuff the contents of your pockets in the safe and attach it to something solid. It even doubles as a bike lock or a padlock for your locker on public beaches, in hostels etc.

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T-Shell Portable Locker
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T-Shell Portable Locker
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T-Shell Portable Locker
the solution
T-Shell Portable Locker
plus: use it as a padlock
T-Shell Portable Locker
plus: you can even lock your bike with it!