nascent objects fast-tracks device manufacturing with modifiable electronic modules
‘head of security’ home monitor
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nascent objects is a modular consumer electronics creation platform and marketplace that combines CAD tools, 3D printing, circuitry and a library of component modules to help creators take their ideas from concept to finish in a matter of days. design firm ammunition worked alongside nascent objects to test and refine the system, layout the library of reusable modules and create finished pilot products using the platform. ammunition also created a brand identity and packaging system for the company. 


how ‘droppler’ works
video courtesy of nascent objects




‘droppler’ is the first product built using the nascent objects platform. with an unobtrusive design, the device is a countertop water use monitor that helps households understand and adjust their daily water use habits. it’s simple illuminated display provides immediate visual feedback on water use, helping people stay within daily water use goals. unlike most water monitoring tools, ‘droppler’ doesn’t need to be integrated directly with plumbing, making it easy to set up and use. it has a powerful sensor and processor that uses the sound of flowing water to detect consumption. by connecting with the app, users can further analyze their water use, set goals, and track progress. 

ammunition-nascent-objects-electronics-platform-designboom-02the electronic modules




when water conservation succeeds, consumers can reuse the speaker, light and processor component modules in other products created using nascent objects. additional nascent products designed by ammunition include ‘coucou’, a birdhouse with an embedded motion sensor and camera to capture new inhabitants, and ‘head of security’, a smart home monitoring camera housed in a 3D printed sculptural bear head. nascent objects is looking for manufacturing funding on indiegogo with plans to ship in late 2016. 


the variety of modular components
video courtesy of nascent objects

ammunition-nascent-objects-electronics-platform-designboom-03using 3D printed shells creators can insert specific sensors ammunition-nascent-objects-electronics-platform-designboom-04 ammunition-nascent-objects-electronics-platform-designboom-05the ‘droppler’  ammunition-nascent-objects-electronics-platform-designboom-06the ‘droppler’ uses a sound sensor to detect flowing waterammunition-nascent-objects-electronics-platform-designboom-07‘coucou’ uses a motion sensor to detect new inhabitants ammunition-nascent-objects-electronics-platform-designboom-08‘head of security’ takes advantage of the camera module ammunition-nascent-objects-electronics-platform-designboom-09packaging of the ‘droppler’