emoji keyboard cover and software brings over 150 symbols to the mac

images courtesy of disk cactus




the ’emoji keyboard’ cover and custom software by disk cactus, brings the joy and expressive power of emoji symbols to the mac computer. by downloading the company’s installer, an apple with the USA keyboard layout enables access to over 150 signs. to activate this feature and to not interrupt typing too much, the user just has to turn on the cap lock in order to unlock their full emotions. the shift, control and option buttons also allows people to use alternative characters. aiming for a minimum production run of 1000 ’emoji keyboard’ covers, the art and technology studio is seeking funding through their kickstarter campaign.


the casing on a mac laptop


the cap lock switches between letters and emojis



the emoji keyboard lets the user fully express themselves
video courtesy of disk cactus


the first iteration of the cover fits on apple USA keyboards




the silicone product can be easily fitted and removed


each key is assigned a single emoji