the 2013 range rover has slimmed down, weighing 700 pounds less than previous editions, thanks to a high-strength aluminum frame. in celebration of the faster, more fuel efficient car, land rover and architectural digest assembled a team to create an artwork which features the vehicle, emphasizing the physical properties and the high-strength aluminium employed in its body. new york-based architecture firm – HWKN, culture engineer – neverstop, and toronto-based fabricator – acer joined forces to create this pop-up installation. ‘climbing up’ displays the 2013 range rover sitting atop a series of plates–informed by the triangulation of lines that define the car–lifting it above the ground as if on a spring instead of its riveted aluminum structure, appearing ‘in motion’ despite its static state; weightless as it hangs at a dramatic angle of 45 degrees.


the interactive installation will be unveiled on june 6 in the heart of manhattan’s meatpacking district at the intersection of 9th avenue and west 14th street, and will be open to the public from friday, june 7 –  sunday, june 9. guests are invited to share their experience via twitter and instagram from stations integrated into the structure.

HWKN features 2013 range rover in dynamic art installation

the installation’s structure demonstrates the 2013 range rover’s lightness as it floats above
image courtesy of HWKN