‘fez spider’ is first hardware made available for microsoft’s modular opensource toolkit ‘.net gadgeteer’



the opensource toolkit microsoft ‘.net gadgeteer‘ offers a way for users with little electronics background to create and prototype devices made up of sensors, lights, switches, displays, motors, and other hardware. a range of components can be assembled together via a mainboard, programmable in C# using the .net framework.

designed for hobbyist as well as professional use, each socket on the mainboard chips is numbered and labeled with letters that indicate what modules can be plugged into it. the hardware modules are likewise marked with letters for simple ‘plug-and-play’ matching. innovatively, users can debug their programs while the device is running.

the first ‘gadgeteer’ hardware– the fez spider kit from GHI electronics, and its component modules– is available for preorder, to begin shipping september 30th, 2011. view the videos below for examples of a miniature arcade cabinet and a flipbook maker created on the ‘gadgeteer’ framework.

.net gadgeteer opensource toolkit ‘gadgeteer’ touchscreen module from GHI electronics

.net gadgeteer opensource toolkit joystick module

.net gadgeteer opensource toolkit camera module

.net gadgeteer opensource toolkit various hardware components

.net gadgeteer opensource toolkit diagram of mainboard

.net gadgeteer opensource toolkit size reference

discussion of ‘.net gadgeteer’, and demonstration of building a camera with the technology

demo of a miniature arcade cabinet made with ‘.net gadgeteer’

demo of a stop-motion/flipbook maker made with ‘.net gadgeteer’

via slashdot

.net gadgeteer opensource toolkit

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