quix – front view




the german designer meike harde has created this formal innovative hand mixer based on the association of chocolate.

beside the formal innovation the hand mixer “quix” shows various functional novelties. pressure sensors underneath the silicon layer allow for a continuously controllable speed regulation by pressing the handle. thus for the first time in the field of hand mixers an appliance appears that is operated by feeling instead of by pressing buttons. this hand mixer comes with just one instead of two eggbeaters, but is equally efficient because its two wires spin in opposite directions. another characteristic is the hidden ventilation slots. they are positioned on the appliance’s inside so that the overall picture of a constantly even surface is not interrupted. conventional hand mixers come with a platform that allows positioning the appliance horizontally so that the dough can drip into the bowl. although quix does not show this feature, it solves this problem by making use of a hook. it can be hung up on the edge of a bowl or a table where is protects the table from the dirty mixing wires by oscillating motion.

meike harde: quix mixer

quix – side face




when mixing small shares (e.g. whipped cream, shakes, etc.), the small mixing bowl of the same production run lends itself. the hand mixer closes it so that there is no escape of splatters. the extraordinarily long shaft allows adjusting the grip according to everyone’s liking. when stirring viscous dough the gadget is held at the front part. however, it is more comfortable to hold it at the back part when stirring dough of low viscosity. the ball at the cable outlet allows the cable to rotate up to 45°. this prevents the cable from bending. the cable rewind (as in a vacuum cleaner) is invisible from the outside. after usage a slight pull at the end of the cable will make it rewind through the ball and coil up inside the hand mixer. the plug then closes the cable outlet congruently.



meike harde: quix mixer quix – back view




due to its significant differences from conventional hand mixers quix will mainly address a demanding and design-oriented target group. formally it integrates well into high-class kitchens and furthermore it catches pretentious amateur chefs with his clever functions. additionally a blender as well as a hand-held blender completes the production run. both meet the hand mixer’s quality.



meike harde: quix mixer quix – bottom view



chocolate evokes the feeling of an ideal taste experience. no matter if dark or creamy and sweet, chocolate is unique. what is more, it is said to have beguiling, uplifting, maybe even stimulant effects. quix makes use of these positive associations by its colouring. the product run is available in two further colour combinations: vanilla and caramel. the cocoa-coloured high gloss cover imitates a firm chocolate casing which encloses a cream-coloured core, the handle. a contrast between hard and soft is created by the high-gloss and matt-finished surface of the appliance.



meike harde: quix mixer quix – dough hook




the dough hook also plays with a pleasant image; it takes up the shape of a softly swung cream horn.

meike harde: quix mixer quix – hanging in a bowl




quix remedies the deficiencies that are currently ruling the hand mixer market by integrating details like ventilation slots, cable outlet, touch feeling etc. into the casing’s design. this combination of sound design and clever and functional details satisfies the demand for first-class quality design.



meike harde: quix mixer quix – cable rewinds inside the case

meike harde: quix mixer quix – plug closes the cable outlet