NEC’s ‘android cloud communicator’ double-screen tablet

at CES 2011, NEC has debuted a single and a double screen version of its ‘android cloud communicator LT-W’ tablet.

the hinged double tablet is the more interesting of the two prototypes, opening up the possibility to use the screens together (with each displaying one section of a single document) or in tandem to multitask across documents, programs, and media. because of its book-like structure, one can easily imagine the device being adapted for use as an e-reader.

CES 2011: NEC double screen android tablet full view of the open double-screen tablet image courtesy of topnews

both devices are composed of 7-inch, 800×600 pixel LCD touchscreens running android 2.1 on a 1GHz mobile processor. equipped with a rear 3 megapixel camera, video recording capability, and two USB ports, the tablets will be wifi and bluetooth -enabled, although 3G connectivity is expected to be available as an addition.

unlike most recent releases, the touchscreens are resistive rather than capacitive; a stylus is stored along the back of the device to enable the touchscreen capabilities.

CES 2011: NEC double screen android tablet diagram illustrating hardware features

CES 2011: NEC double screen android tablet the device can be held horizontally or vertically, and the screens can be used as a multi-monitor or in tandem

NEC plans to release the product beginning this spring in japan.

CES 2011: NEC double screen android tablet front and profile views of the closed device

the double-screen tablet is demoed at CES 2011

CES 2011: NEC double screen android tablet

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