my archischool secures IP with 3d architecture library


In a similar fashion to NFTs, My Archischool invents an identifiable as well as interactive online 3D Architecture Library. The Hong Kong-based architectural school launches the library as a means to not only digitally present the designs of its cohort of young architects but also protect their intellectual property. The system introduces ISBN-like numbers registered for every idea uploaded.

my archischool protects ideation with digital 3D architecture library
My Archischool launches the 3D Architecture Library to promote and protect students’ designs (main image: A 3D model of the CBD of Hong Kong and Victoria Harbour will be used as the first ‘Virtual Gallery’ for showcasing the 3D design models of students of My Archischool)

All images courtesy of My Archischool



my archischool promotes work of young, aspiring architects


Established by architect Alice Cheung, My Archischool aims to introduce young, aspiring creators to the foundations of a career in the built environment. A variety of in-person and online courses embrace active learning methodologies, from professional 3D modeling and visualization to many other skills. This is with the mission to promote the architectural excellence of its students. The 3D Architecture Library continues the school‘s philosophy whist protecting their ideas.

my archischool protects ideation with digital 3D architecture library



virtual galleries present and protect designs


All ideas should be preserved securely, no matter the traditions nor if projects are solely conceptual and not destined to be built. This is especially the case for the imagination of young creators. The 3D Architecture Library hosts a network of ‘virtual galleries’ each with 3D models. Like a registered ISBN number or library decimal, the system classifies each model with a unique, addressable identifier using a programmed algorithm.

my archischool protects ideation with digital 3D architecture library
Wooden model of Chinese courtyard house featuring students’ experimental re-interpretation of modernity of sustainable elements of vernacular architecture



The ‘virtual galleries’ can be viewed in augmented reality mode, meaning viewers can orbit and virtually visit the models in common web browsers. The architecture can also be experience in day/night settings, at the click of a button. This all enables people – students and external viewers alike – to visualize the ideas, experience the space, and delve deeper into concepts through supported artworks, animations and images as the project is continuously developed.


‘It would be great for all kids to go through and experience the emptiness of the space, to see the light, to feel the darkness,’ said Alice Cheung, the retired architect-and-publisher of My Archischool. ‘Young ones must have that spatial experience before they can start their own journey to architectural excellence and designing our beloved city!

my archischool protects ideation with digital 3D architecture library



Students at My Archischool have free access to the 3D Architecture Library, as no membership nor subscription is required. Ideas can even be registered without 3D modeling software. Creators simply upload and register concepts from an early stage. The experience is then available anytime and anywhere as long as on a smart device. The openness of the platform makes it inclusive to students as well as other creators as if an ecosystem of NFT-like models.

my archischool protects ideation with digital 3D architecture library
‘Escape’ by Abigail Shih, acrylic on canvas, is incorporated in her research project to be published on the library



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