influenced by the mathematical patterns found throughout nature, the VIBIAalgorithm’ collection can adapt to achieve the perfect configuration for any project. appearing to look like a star constellation in the night sky, the lighting design unites beauty and geometry within an electrical system. the product, designed by toan nguyen, is essentially a kit of parts that empowers individual architects, interior or lighting designers to create a unique installation for themselves.

algorithm is a bespoke lighting system that can compliment any setting
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the intention was not to design a completely defined and finished product, but a tool which allows any customer to create his own lighting lamp, in relation with the architecture space, the area to light and the desired kind of graphic pattern’, explained the parisian born industrial designer toan nguyen.

it combines beauty and geometry within a lighting system filled with magic



all elements of the VIBIA ‘algorithm’ lighting collection are beautifully resolved, highlighting when industrial design meets craft sensibility. the light globes are suspended at different heights and are anchored to the ceiling via a floating steel structure. this tubular support not only provides the installation’s strength, it also adds to its elegant styling. it is in these details where the product’s special essence is most prominent, as functionality meets a sophisticated and graceful design.

its kit of tools enable designers to create unique installation for themselves



the individual light balls are manufactured from blown glass featuring a striated concentric surface pattern, which in turn creates a translucent and constantly changing lighting effect. inside of these, the diffusers are provided with 3,5W LED fittings that allow for a highly controlled level of intensity which can be modeled virtually online via VIBIA’s website. together with the metal support, hanging rods and cables, it is these individual parts that create the kit of tools that designers can adapt to individual lighting projects. the system of multiple modules enables the specifications of each commission to dictate the overall installation and the exact lighting solution.

its elements are beautifully resolved



the VIBIA ‘algorithm’ collection was initially presented at the 2015 milan design week. see our coverage of the show here, and also see our other features of the spanish brand here.

the spanish lighting brand’s stand during the 2015 milan design week


the LED diffusers allow for a highly controlled level of intensity


the floating tubular support adds to the lighting’s elegant design


the tubular metal support structure accommodates the suspension cables and hanging rods