HP virtual reality and curved displays expand computer monitor range
images courtesy of HP




the HP virtual reality (VR), curved and ultra high-definition (UHD) displays that were announced at the CES 2015, expand the information technology company’s computer monitor portfolio to immerse users into a variety of digital experiences. the range developed for both consumers and professionals, includes the headlining ‘Zvr’ which can rotate, manipulate and navigate 3D images on the 23.6-inch screen. it provides a real-time exploration and direction of dimensional content so that tasks such as viewing an office complex, can be achieved without getting messy or leaving the desk. it is powered by zSpace technology and is a further development of HP’s ‘blended reality‘ which reduces barriers between the digital and physical worlds by enabling users to express themselves without limitations.

the pavilion 27c 27-inch curved display




‘HP’s new displays complement our goal of delivering new technologies that maximize the visual experience and change the way people work and create,’ said jun kim, vice president and general manager, PC displays and accessories, HP. ‘HP displays feature performance, innovation, reliability and outstanding image accuracy that we believe will transform how customers connect and interact using technology.’

rear view of the pavilion 27c




the two 4K products; the ‘Z27s and ‘Z24s’, and the 5K ‘Z27q’ displays increase the viewing of image detail and quadruples the real estate of the screen to enable users to see more data, images and text side-by-side. of these monitors, the former two both feature displayport, DVI, HDMI and USB 3.0 connections, and are equipped with a four-way ergonomic stand to allow pivoting from landscape to portrait positions. the ‘Z34c’, ‘envy 34c’, ‘elite display S270c’ and ‘pavilion 27c’ curved monitors provide an elegant, immersive visual and audio experience with their enhanced peripheral readability that has been expanded to 178°. this large field of view, 1920 x 1080 HD resolution and low-haze enhancement technology provides clear viewing clarity with reduce reflectiveness.



the Z27s 27-inch IPS UHD monitor


the elite display S270c 27-inch curve display


the HP Zvr virtual reality display