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pierpaolo lazzarini unveils jet capsule GT-F, a 'flying spaceship' with customizable interiors

The Gran turismo – Foil BY jet Capsule


Italian-based water mobility company Jet Capsule releases its latest water jet model, titled ‘Gran turismo – Foil’ (GT-F). Designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini of Lazzarini Design Studio, the watercraft features a cutting-edge hydro propulsion system and capsule shaped shell with photochromic windows that are made of 70% carbon using vacuum-infusion molding.


The flying spaceship measures at 10 meters (32.8 ft) and can be equipped with twin hydrostatic transmissions, capable of a power from 880hp to 1200hp, diesel, petrol or in a full electric configuration. Moreover, with a cruising speed of 35 Knots, the new GT-F can reach an estimated top speed of 60 Knots.

jet capsule gt f 1
jet capsule gran turismo foil

all images courtesy of Lazzarini Design



Pierpaolo Lazzarini’s latest ‘flying spaceship’


Pierpaolo Lazzarini founded Lazzarini Design Studio in 2012, when it presented its first concept of innovative water transportation approaches. Since then, the Italian company has studied hydrodynamic solutions that are constantly improved with each model. The recently-unveiled Jet Capsule GT-F can now be built on request, with a timeline of one year for the construction.


The body of the watercraft is made from a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass. Meanwhile, it comes with a customizable interior, where clients can configure the boat from 10 passengers for leisure use to 20 passengers for commercial use. Specifications of the ‘Gran turismo – Foil’ include an overall length of 9.99 m (32.78 ft); maximum width of 3.44 m (11.28 ft); total surface of 22 sqm; and standard fuel capacity of 550 liters.

jet capsule gt f 2
the jet capsule can lift up to 1 meter from the water surface

jet capsule gt f 3
hydrostatic transmissions lift the boat while reaching 13 knots

jet capsule gt f 4
front and rear view with foil wings

jet capsule gt f 5
the new hull design facilitate the flying stability before the take off


jet capsule gt f 6
side foil view

jet capsule gt f 7
the assettor royal layout (10 passengers +dinette + toilette room)

pierpaolo lazzarini unveils jet capsule GT-F, a 'flying spaceship' with customizable interiors
side view

jet capsule gt f 10
assetto royal layout

jet capsule gt f 11
private jet layout

jet capsule gt f 12
the new headlights face design allows night vision sailing




project info:


name: Jet Capsule
designer: Lazzarini Design


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